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For me it is not about the time. It more about your word. She asks what I am doing and I tell her say when the movie starts. I get there at the time I want and go inside and sit down she either arrives before lights out or not. I will often come our after and we meet in the foyer.

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The problem for me is that all my friends are like this so it is easy for them to point me out as the one with the problem! I mean I have left my friend wandering in a daze around a market so that at least I would not be late for our plane! I left her because she just disappeared and knew that if I wasted time looking for her that we would miss the Plane so I left because I was sick of her.

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Of not caring about time and always leaving it up to me go be the reminder like as if she was a child. I am now giving up on them and organising myself because I am simPly tired of being their social secretary with no thanks. I organise accommOdagion and travel etc when we go to big events but never get thanks just joked about. I have heard the accommodation is all gone because this event is huge. Guess who will be expecting to stay in my room? They want it all without lifting a finger! The biggest beef I have is that. One of these People has a full time job!!!!!!!!!

Two Minutes to Midnight

And yet that ate always too bdh go be organised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, my point is good and ok to be late sometimes.

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Hi Greg, Being late is plain and simple, unacceptable! Having dealt for years with an extreme serial latecomer, ie. The cat has only a tiny bit of litter left to do his business in today. Thank you all! I give others 10 minutes grace, then I leave. Great rant! Yes, Greg — I totally agree. There is only one word for that kind of thing: RUDE. I agree wholeheartedly! And she finds this hilarious! Ouch, he gets revenge. In business, it does impact upon who I choose to do business with.

A Matter of Minutes

Self centred need not apply. Game is over. My husband and I joined a group of friends for our regular social group dinner. Booking was at 7pm and we got there first, 15 minutes early, and that was with a 90 minute drive to get there initially. The other couples strolled in over the course of the next 45 minutes.

The latest couple to arrive? Those who lived closest. Funnily enough, we dropped out of this group soon there after. And not just the lateness factor that bothers me. Or the another annoying lateness by-product: those who are rushing to get everywhere, and get served first or driving like idiots in the traffic to get to the lights before you, or push passed you in their rush without even acknowledging your presence.

Ill-manned, disorganised, angry and inconsiderate. YOU have no place in my business or world. In my world of business, I am the Queen and I set my own rules. Oh I love this! I the thought of being late. It fills me with anxiety.

Two Minutes to Late Night: The Halloween Special S01 E06

I just get more organised. A common problem is that meeting 1 goes from and often runs over time , meeting 2 starts at 10 somewhere else. Time manners also applies to the meeting organisers who have to recognise that it is poor time management for meetings to run overtime, and recognise it takes a finite amount of time for people to get from A to B. Ideally a one-hour 9am meeting should start on time at 9, have the agenda covered by for discussion, start to wrap up at so people can leave with 5 minutes spare to get to their next meeting on time.

I agree…. Inevitably occasionally things do go wrong, but serial offenders suck… I like this part:. I am a medical doctor by profession, a specialist who is self employed….. I cannot remember when last I was on time….. The respondents to this site appear to represent a heavily biased sample cohort ……..

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Possibly there is a genetic and or familial factor,environmental factor or simply learned behaviour ……. DO YOU….. I agree with an earlier respondent who said an arranged time should be considered an approximate time around which people should plan their lives……our lives are after all rigid enough……..

Anyway punctuality seems to be somewhat cultural……In more laid back cultures like Mexico……if not enough people show up for a company meeting….. I AM the one who is ultimately forced to shoulder the blame….. BUT …then i always remember what my friend Jon used to say….. An ironical anecdote……. I arrived at a wedding prior to the time on the invitation ….. She had left instructions in her will that her her funeral service should begin 5 minutes before the arrival of her casket at the funeral home…….. For a professional, you sure take everything personal!

Have you thought about the people you are making wait? If you really are a Dr. I would hate to be your patient.

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You give a bad rap for the medical field by not having empathy and consideration for your patients if you are making them wait for that long. Yes everyone has faults and it is important for people to be aware of those faults. Have you ever thought that maybe your friends or family teased you about being late but are actually quite bothered by it?

Probably not, you seem the type to never think what you do is wrong.

My roommate and I were going to a party and she said she would be ready by 8. She made me wait around for her for an hour and 15 minutes. She took a nap until and then she went to the store. At first I waited patiently and then I decided to ask her how long she would be after an hour of waiting. She responsed by yelling at me to calm down and be patient, that I was ruining her night!!

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She could have her own house band and it was a good opportunity to feature a lot of talented women. Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy. Adjective phrases Adjective phrases: functions Adjective phrases: position Adjectives and adjective phrases: typical errors Adverb phrases. Send editor apologetic message. Motivational Time Way Succeed.

Can you believe that? All I asked was how much longer. Nothing is wrong with being late, which is what the author of the post is saying.

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What is wrong is when people do not have the decency to communicate with you that they are going to be late or worse they even turn it around on you when they are in the wrong. This post is about common decency and that is all. Here is a thought for you.. How would that make you feel? Well, not having the decency to apologize or communicate when making someone wait is also disrespectful to the people you are making wait. Oh Dr. Im concerned that you feel your lateness is genetic. As a medical professional you know that not possible.