The Pug-Dog - Its History and Origin

The Pug-Dog - Its History And Origin
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The History of Pugs in Ancient China | PetHelpful

These are fairly laid-back dogs, not usually given to extensive barking, digging or chewing. Pugs tend to get along well with other dogs and are sturdy enough to get along with children. They enjoy company and can be quite affectionate. True to their grouping, they are good companion dogs. Pugs are extremely easy to keep and have a serious tendency to become obese unless their diet and exercise are watched carefully. With the short muzzle, they do not do well in hot, humid weather and must be observed carefully for heatstroke.

The Breed in China

A favorite pug, Note the elaborate gold bell collar. Cavapoo Puppies Ready Soon. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. Japanese Chin.

Pugs do tend to snore, again a result of the short muzzle. The prominent eyes are easily injured and care must be taken to keep them moist. Pugs are fairly robust and often live to 14 or 15 years of age. Pugs do best with some daily exercise to help with their weight problems.

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Despite their heroic alarm years ago, they are not usually great watchdogs, preferring instead to greet newcomers with a wagging tail. Pugs should be socialized to keep that outgoing temperament, and they do well with other pets. Grooming is important, both for the shedding from the dense coat and to keep facial wrinkles clean. A quick daily grooming, even a swipe with a hound mitt, usually suffices for the coat and a gentle wiping with a wet cloth for the face. While the pug is often associated with Holland, the breed originated in China, probably bred down from one of the local mastiff-type dogs.

The little dogs with the round heads and expressive facial wrinkles were then transported to Holland via trading ships of the Dutch East India Company. In , a pug sounded the alarm that saved Prince William from the approaching Spanish soldiers, and the breed forever after was tied to the royal House of Orange. Napoleon's wife had a pet pug, and the duke and duchess of Windsor had a pug as a royal companion. Victorian England took on pugs as the latest rage in canine fashion and many pugs can be spotted in paintings of that era. The word "pug" may come from the Latin "pugnus" for fist, possibly describing the round face and head.

The name does not fit the breed's temperament, because these are not really guard dogs, but designed first and foremost as companion dogs. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Youtube.

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The Pug-Dog - Its History and Origin

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United Kingdom. Victorian Lady with pug. Queen Margherita of Savoy with Pug. Victorian gentleman with pug. Kiddo with Pug, Credit Photo: Wertvoll Photography. Victorian pug. The tigergirl with pug, Children and pugs playmates. Playing with a pug, The Cook and the pug. Painted by Claude-Joseph Bail - Little boy with a Pug. Large Framed Antique Trade Card. Young Lady in a Boat, Exposed in Manchester City Galleries, Manchester. An oil on panel of a standing Pug startled by a stag beetle by Richard Herman Strebel German, German, circa A 19th century oil on canvas of a Pug standing in a garden before a stone wall.

Wearing a blue winners silk ribbon sash, astride a croquet mallet, the dog rests his paw supremely on his croquet ball. Note the elaborate gold bell collar. Signed indistinctly bottom right.

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Pug puppies. A miniature oil on panel of two Pugs naughtily caught at play in their mistresses sewing basket by Horatio Henry Couldery - Signed bottom right 'H.

Playful Personality of Pugs

The Pug-Dog - Its History and Origin [Wilhelmina Swainston-Goodger] on Contents Include Theories as to the Origin of the Breed China Holland. The Pug-Dog - Its History and Origin [Wilhelmina Swainston-Goodger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Originally published in , this.

Couldery' English, circa Pug puppies playing with Mr Punch. An oil on canvas of two pampered Pug puppies playing on an oriental rug with a doll called Mr Punch. Terrier and pug puppies. Oil painting by Wilson Hepple - Pug Puppies by Henriette Ronner-Knip. Henriette Ronner-Knip Two pugs. A miniature oil on panel of two Pugs in a barn by Horatio Henry Couldery - One seated startled and fascinated by an approaching Stag Beetle, clearly an interruption to his bone. The other unaware and asleep in an upturned barrel.

Though unsigned this skilful miniature painting, its subject matter, composition, the detail to the breed and scene, the sensitivity and depth, and tightness of the brushwork are the work of Horatio Henry Couldery. The Swarland pugs, The framed work is signed and dated "Wilson Hepple ". The label on the reverse reads "Owned by Mrs. The standing dog, with puppy behind his legs, is "Ch. Taurus of Swarland. Nancy of Swarland" won her first Ch. Certificate at Crutts Pugville's Mighty Jim. Master Jasper. Owned by Miss L.