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Elderly Irishman in critical condition after being hit by car in Malta
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I say you no understand, I wanna shit on my bed. He say you better not shit onna bed, you sonna ma bitch. I go to checkout and the man at the desk say: "Peace on you. I gonna back to Italy. Dit verhaal heb ik ooit gelezen in een boek met nog veel meer leuks. Wie helpt me?


Welk boek was dit? Ik weet het begod niet meer! Een beloning voor het antwoord! Vin Konings, Cuijk. Zoo mooi!! They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them say the following: Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. There was a call to me at work and I saw it was from Malta. I then saw someone writing on WhatsApp and saw the message," the man's year-old daughter, Lucyna Lawreniuk told the publication.

Fortunately, year-old Kamilla Nikolas, who speaks Polish, was able to help the man book a flight home to Poland after overhearing a tourist information desk staff member say "I'm sorry sir but I don't speak Polish.

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He looked very nervous, confused and I asked what happened. Lawreniuk eventually arrived home to Gdansk roughly 14 hours after he had originally departed Leeds. He sees the possible date of death has been written down. Mansholt could have never imagined that it would take almost two more years before he would hold the complete autopsy report in his hands. The days on the island are getting stranger. On August 8, , the father is visiting the morgue once again when an employee takes him aside.

Unofficially, she adds. On the cliffs they told him there was a broken back due to a possible fall. But now, suddenly, no bones are broken? Mansholt immediately calls the police officer in charge. He recalls that when he confronted her with his questions, she was evasive. The desperate father grows suspicious. Also growing is the nagging suspicion that they want to get rid of him.

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He trusted the police for a long time, but he decides to switch into the mindset of a detective himself. He has so many questions. Wasn't there hay at the place where the body was found? The hay seemed oddly fresh beside a dead body, which they said had been lying there for days. Mike's Shoes: These sneakers were at the cliffs where the corpse was found. Mansholt promptly questions the farmer who owns the land there. But the man has no useful answers. The trail runs cold. Mansholt also grows suspicious regarding his son's camera. Something is wrong. Whenever Mike was doing sports — jumping into water, climbing, whatever — he documented everything with his small video camera.

It's a silver GoPro Hero 2 with 64 gigabytes. Mike had the camera with him during the trip to Malta, as his father later will testify in an affidavit.

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But he can't find it in Mike's hotel. Room has already been cleared out when he enters. They had given him a few of his son's belongings, including diving equipment. As stated in the case files, there were three pieces of evidence identified and numbered from that location: a pair of sunglasses, a camera case, and Mike's Nike shoes. And the GoPro camera? Allegedly, it was found near the cliffs. Mike could have filmed his departure on the bike, his last moments, his accident — or whatever else happened. The father was told earlier by the lead investigator that the GoPro was on the dead man's belt.

Over time, Mansholt will ask the lead officer thrice more about the camera, also in front of witnesses. He insists, he begs, he pressures her. She states every time that she knew what a GoPro looked like and that one had definitely been found. Mansholt returns to the forensics department, where they hand him a Canon camera, older than Mike's, with a destroyed chip. The camera of Mike Mansholt that, according to Maltese police, he should have had with him.

Until today, his son's GoPro has never resurfaced, and therefore neither has anything that could have been filmed. Also missing until now: Mike's gray backpack, his Samsung Galaxy phone, his wallet, his credit card issued by the bank Sparkasse, several hundred euros in cash, his straw hat, and an extra charger. Suspicion grows back in Oldenburg.

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It seems that Malta doesn't want to find out exactly what happened to the young man. At this time, Mike's father is ready to level some serious accusations against the Maltese authorities.

He feels like a stranger on this sunny foreign island, like flotsam swept around by the tides. He has suffered a terrible — and at the same time mysterious — loss.

In Oldenburg, Germany, just about a year later, Mansholt continues to run his goldsmith business in the historic center of town. He's back at work, the filigree and delicate handiwork help taking his mind off his loss.

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It requires patience and focus. But he also still likes something else: adventure. He is 53 years old now. In pictures he poses with his duffel bag thrown over his shoulder. When he was younger he had his hair longer; today there are shimmers of grey. Mansholt is an adventurer, he likes to travel the world — one trip led him to climbing in the Ceylonese gemstone regions of Ratnapura.

He sits in front of a restaurant as the night wears on. As quickly as he has earlier agreed to talk about Mike, he now suddenly seems to shy away. He remains skeptical when approached by the media: What is this all about? What kind of story can one expect?

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A high-up, Gonzi Junior shows in the corporate documents of many other enterprises of the Mafia group. What to see. The emergency services were alerted at around 4pm on Tuesday afternoon. Malta's love for United is going strong! Keep you updated on the changes in our terms, conditions or any information related to the modifications that may occur in the data protection regulations. Two people hospitalised after road collision in Dublin.

Again and again he asks such questions. Father and son in Canada. Together, the family traveled a lot. Courtesy of the Mansholt family. On the one hand he wants to protect his son; but he is also still seeking answers.

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It's getting colder outside, but Mansholt, his shirt sleeves rolled up, doesn't seem to mind. He holds a family photo, taken in in a harbor: He holds Mike's hand, who is 6 years old at the time.

If you lived in Malta instead of Isle of Man, you would:

The Italian who went to Malta. (read with Italian One day ima gonna Malta to bigga hotel. I go to the checkout and the man at the desk say: "Peace on you". To be read in an Italian accent! “One a day ama going to Malta to picka 'otel. In da morning I goa down to eata da breakfast. I tella da waitress “I.

When this was taken, the Mansholts dropped everything and set sail. The boat had the name Nis Randers. The family — which included Mike and his brother, Daniel, and his sister, Maria — was at sea for days. One could lose himself in such memories. But at some point the film tears.

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The father is catapulted into the now, sitting in the restaurant doing an interview. He speaks softly, often slowly. On August 17, , Mike's body arrives in Bremen, and a hearse takes him to Oldenburg. On August 20, Mike Mansholt is laying in an open casket on his 18th birthday. For the funeral director death is routine. He opens the zinc coffin, and he knows that it should smell of preservation chemicals. But what strikes the man is something else.