The Golden Child

Kid From Eddie Murphy’s ‘The Golden Child’ Has Grown Up To Be A Lovely Woman
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Not for this child the ordinary sorrows and stumblings of an average life.


Loading comments… Trouble loading? Chandler Jarrell : Yes, y'all talk it over, 'cause this is not a normal thing, and it should be discussed, because it's not normal. Community Reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have no hesitation in highly recommending it. What more could any family want or need? They are the dorks, the geeks and the outcasts. Hard to reveal too much without spoilers but it involves two girls at school and bullying.

While perhaps still no taller than a chair, the offspring is firmly described as a figure whose name will reverberate down the centuries. On the surface, this could seem to offer a route to enormous self-confidence and security. But to place such expectations on someone who still struggles with their coat buttons can, paradoxically, leave a child feeling hollow and particularly incapable. Unable to sense any resources within itself to honour the hopes of those it loves and depends on, the child grows up with a latent sense of fraudulence — and a consistent fear that it will be unmasked.

It winds up at once grandly expecting that others will recognise its sensational destiny — and entirely unsure as to why or how they might in fact do so. Its underlying longing is not to revolutionise nations and be honoured across the ages; it is to be accepted and loved for who it is, in all its often unimpressive and faltering realities.

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It wishes, as we all do, to be seen and accepted for itself; to have its faults and frailties forgiven and acknowledged, rather than denied or glossed over. It should ideally not matter to the parent where a child ends up — or rather, it should matter only in so far as, and no further than, it matters to the child. Parents who see their child in golden terms are not — of course — consciously cruel.

They are merely, with tragic fervour, misdirecting energies that have failed to find a better destination, the child covertly being asked to redeem a career that did not go as expected, a depressed mood that did not lift or a marriage that proved unusually intolerable. The Golden Child is, over time, destined for a moment of breakdown when the hopes invested in it fail to be realised.

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The Golden Future will, it starts to be clear, never materialise, but a bigger prize awaits: a feeling of liberation from expectations that were always disconnected from reality. The Golden Child is freed to enjoy a momentous truth: that a life does not need to be golden in order to be valuable; that we can live in baser metal forms, in pewter or iron, and still be worthy of love and adequate self-esteem.


And, even though this has nothing to do with the original expectations one was asked to shoulder, that realisation will be the truly exceptional achievement. We are, all of us, beautifully crazy or, to put it in gentler terms, fascinatingly unbalanced.

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The Big Bad , a sorcerer named Sardo Numspa Dance , wishes to kill the child to bring about the rule of evil on Earth, but must do so at a specific time with a specific ritual. Jarrell, a cynic and skeptic, is forced to come to terms with the supernatural elements of the world, as he is the Chosen One who is fated to protect the child. First, however, he must undergo his own training at the hands of "The Old Man", a Trickster Mentor played by Victor Wong, and recover the Ajanti dagger that is the only hope of killing Numspa Community Showcase More.

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The Golden Child is a American fantasy comedy film directed by Michael Ritchie and starring Eddie Murphy as Chandler Jarrell, who is informed that he is "The Chosen One" and is destined to save "The Golden Child", the savior of all by‎: ‎Michel Colombier‎; ‎John Barry. A private detective specializing in missing children is charged with the task of finding a special child whom dark forces want to eliminate.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. Kala: [hidden behind a screen] Do you have any other questions? Jarrell: As a matter of fact I do.

What are you doing this weekend, because your silhouette is kicking! Doctor Hong: [looks embarrassed] Yes. Chandler Jarrell : Listen, this "Chosen One" thing; it's gone too far now, okay?

The Golden Child

This is—this is not normal. I'm not saying "no", but the "Chosen One" thing: too far. Chandler Jarrell : Yes, y'all talk it over, 'cause this is not a normal thing, and it should be discussed, because it's not normal. Jarrell: Has anybody seen a little naked old man running around with a hundred dollars? Jarrell: So, if something happens to the kid, the whole world goes to Hell?

Nepal in Hollywood's movie: The Golden Child

Kala: The world will become Hell. Jarrell: Ah!

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