TAMS: Tales of Amazing Magic & Science (GSS Book 2)

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So: all done well in the design and planning. Around midday the others are arriving, and life fills the place: the exhibits brought are set up: the differently coated metal sheets, the autoclave, the fuel cells, the nanobalance, and the interactive homogenizer. Monitors are installed, plugged in, and switched on.


Brochures displayed, the give-aways arranged, and in the end the stand wiped. Opening Session There are mainly middle-aged men in dark suits standing around the round bar in the lobby. The atmosphere is relaxed: I frequently hear loud laughters, glimpse into friendly faces, and see warm greetings. I like to be there earlier, so that I can secure a good seat on the side for myself. I sit down and watch how the hall is slowly filled. Do I see Prof.


Code breaks often when deployed to production even though all tests were passing and it worked on the dev machine? We then switch our home page view from building HTML out of strings to using a template. Thursday January 10, pm - pm Nuffield G Much like segments, but this time possibly across machines. Speakers Dr R. Some of the other moms are hiding secrets of their own, secrets that they would prefer to keep hidden.

So I understand: the announced minister Mrs. Wanka will not come. And now, it all begins. A male and a female dancer, dressed completely in white, give a performance, where they ludically interact with the film that is displayed on the screen. That looks really great! Judith Rakers comes on stage. First of all, the winners of the pupil-competition are awarded. Pupils from class 7 to 11 could participate, and more than 3, teams took part in the first turn. Out of these 44 teams 3 were selected as winners, who will now be introduced.

Tams Tales Of Amazing Magic Science Gss Book 2 English Edition

While the teams are standing on stage, the moderator interviews them individually: What was your favourite question? Did something go wrong in your experiment? In some cases it goes really funny. After honoring the students Stefan Hell comes on stage. He gives his speech very amusingly, in which he graphically explains his technique — the STED microscopy — , and also shows photos of the Nobel-price conference and of the subsequent banquet. The STED-microscopy allows us to make images with a light microscope, that are 10 times sharper, than what was possible earlier.

And whether you believe it or not, light microscopes are still frequently used today in most scientific publications in the Life Sciences, in spite of the fact that there are electron microscopes, since light microscopes are non-invasive and therefore they allow to get insights into living cells.

Typically for a politician, he gives a speech without showing any slides. After the great presentation of Mr.

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Hell, Mr. Lukas has difficulty to pick up the pace.

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The event ends with a short fast-motion video, that shows the construction of the exhibition in the last two weeks, and the people stream out of the hall. It was good, that I sat at the edge, so now I come out as one of the first ones and I can avoid the stream of people. The round bar is filled again, the people are chatting and then they slowly move on to the exhibition halls.

Yep, one. So I go there without knowing anybody. But just how the coincidence wanted, while I was looking for the location I became acquainted with a woman, so we continued searching together. Is it maybe deposited somewhere? Luckily, the card was on the desk, and it was a nice evening.


I also got to know some people from a Russian company here, who offered me in a discussion on the following day, to give us an access to a microbiological security-bank for six months for free. So: a successful evening.

Day 3 and 4, A completely normal exhibition-madness To be on the exhibition stand in the morning at half past eight and to look good and smiling the whole day — I will soon be k. The weirdly stuffy air in the exhibition hall despite the air-conditioning , the constantly high noise level, and the change between unpeopled periods and complete onrushes on our stand claim their tribute. My nights are correspondingly restless…. Since we take part in the Science Rallye of the stand BMBF as partners, troops of students come frequently by, and they want to know how many atoms the exhibited protein model MMP in reality has 2, , what we mean by solvation, and what a homogenization process is, by which two in fact immiscible liquids are mixed.

Certainly, the exhibited interactive homogenizer is used vigorously for explanation. Since we divided the supervision of our stand into shifts of four persons, each of us could quite extensively look around the exhibition. During these excursions we spoke actively to different corporations, and so overall more than fifty contacts came about. We shall see, whether they result in a co-operation…. For me today — on Wednesday evening — it has come to an end. I travel home, and Nina will take my place from tomorrow. So the stand-personell changes once — only Marie and Christopher need to stay until Friday.

Keep up! He worked for a funding agency for five years, where he gained experience in the development of research fields, evaluation of research proposals, managing of industrial research projects as well as in different public outreach projects. The tradition continues. All groups within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry were invited to participate.

Since there were only five teams, every team had chance to play against each other simultaneously on two different courts. After this exciting period from am to pm, the teams of the final match were decided. Drinks and BBQ were not also forgotten after the tournament.

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Even though there was a little drizzle, it was a thrilling and joyous tournament. One moment, you have Saul Perlmutter making vivid appeal for more education about the process of science.


TAMS: Tales of Amazing Magic & Science (GSS Book 2) - Kindle edition by Walton Stowell, Drogo Empedocles. Download it once and read it on your Kindle . TAMS: Tales of Amazing Magic & Science (GSS Book 2) eBook: Walton Stowell, Drogo Empedocles: bosroperspaso.ga: Kindle Store.

The next moment, Dan Shechtman recalls the moment he discovered quasiperiodic chrystals only to be facing more than a decade of opposition from the science establishment. You turn around and Wole Soyinka is debating the role of education in fighting Boko Haram in Nigeria.

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It is quite clear that you have to brace yourself for an overwhelming experience of debating science and its role in society with some of the brightest minds, when you participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. I was given the opportunity to be one of young researchers from all over the world who took part in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting As I am working and researching in the field of science education, it was particularly interesting for me to see how passionate many of the Nobel laureates as well as my fellow young researchers are about education.

Many of the young researchers also try to find new ways of engaging people with science.

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A young physics PhD from UC Santa Barbara organizes summer courses for high school teachers, where they can get in touch with cutting-edge research. Another young researcher from Cologne wants to organize and film science slams on current topics like global warming and renewable energy where leading scientists explain their view of the issue for high school students. It adds to the authenticity of the project that I can now report a personal meeting with these distinguished researchers. Altogether, I was keen throughout the meeting to listen to the ideas of the Nobel laureates and my fellow young researchers but also to offer my ideas and opinions to the discussions.

I hope that other young researchers within RESOLV will be offered the opportunity to participate in this meeting during the years to come. Although the game ended only , this did not stop us from having quite the party. One week later, I was already sitting in the plane across the Atlantic. It is all told through the victim of a traumatic brain injury, that injury not being all bad.

Virgil Wander is owner of The Empress, an old and crumbling main street movie house. Rune is the old kite-flying gentleman who is trying to connect in the only way he knows to his missing son Alec.