Oswald in New Orleans: A Case for Conspiracy with the CIA

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After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November , the CIA appeared eager, even desperate, to embrace the version of events being offered by the FBI, the Secret Service and other parts of the government. Since the release last week, researchers do not appear to have identified any single document that could be labeled a bombshell or that rewrites the history of the assassination in any significant way. Many of the documents, which were made public only online, are duplicates of files that had been released years earlier.

Other documents are totally illegible or refer to CIA and FBI code names and pseudonyms that even experienced researchers will take months to decipher.

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bosroperspaso.ga: Oswald in New Orleans: A Case for Conspiracy with the CIA ( ): Harold Weisberg, Jim Garrison: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Often dubbed the dean of assassination researchers. bosroperspaso.ga: Oswald in New Orleans: A Case for Conspiracy with the CIA.

Several documents are written in foreign languages. Still, the newly released documents may offer an intriguing glimpse of what comes next.

Evidence From the JFK Assassination Case

The National Archives is required to unseal a final batch of about 3, never-before-seen JFK-assassination files by the October deadline, assuming the move is not blocked by President Donald Trump. Under the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, the president is the only person empowered to stop the release. Congressional and other government officials have told us in confidence that at least two federal agencies—likely the CIA and FBI—are expected to appeal to Trump to block the unsealing of at least some of the documents.

Even after 54 years, some government officials apparently still want to keep secrets about this seminal event in U. The CIA and FBI acknowledged earlier this year they are conducting a final review of the documents, but have been unwilling to say if they will ask the president to block some from being released.

On April 29, my attorney Dan Hardway filed a petition for certiorari asking the Supreme Court to review my case, Morley v. Kennedy in The JFK story still resonates, albeit more faintly than it once did. Detested in the Pentagon and CIA as a weakling and traitor, Kennedy was shot dead as his open-air motorcade passed through downtown Dallas on a sunny day in November I never expected the case would take so long or rise so high.

Yet I am not surprised. And I expected the CIA would resist full disclosure. The federal courts have been divided on the merits of my case, leaving the Supreme Court as the final arbiter. After Kennedy was killed, the Dallas police department immediately picked up an ex-Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald and claimed he shot the president.

Oswald denied the charge and was killed in police custody the next day. The CIA men I wrote about did not believe it, not in the privacy of their thoughts and actions.

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They knew far more about Oswald, the supposed assassin, before JFK was killed than they disclosed to investigators. The request turned into a long-running lawsuit.

Why the Public Stopped Believing the Government about JFK’s Murder

Thanks to a unanimous December appellate court decision , issued over strenuous CIA objections, I obtained more than a thousand pages of material. The agency called Joannides out of retirement to serve as liaison with the Committee investigators. He shut down their inquiries.

The substantive part of the case was over. The law is designed to incentivize the government to follow the FOIA and to compensate citizens, reporters, and whistleblowers who seek information in the public interest.

Oswald In New Orleans: Case For Conspiracy With The C.I.A by Harold Weisberg

One of the four factors in awarding legal fees is whether the information sought has the potential to benefit the public. I thought I cleared that bar easily. The Washington Post and two dozen other mainstream news sites published the AP story. In December District Court Judge Richard Leon dismissed my request for legal fees, asserting the litigation had uncovered little of substance. I appealed.

In July , Leon threw out my case on different grounds. In January , the appellate court reversed him again. Move along, says the CIA. Last July, on a fourth hearing, a divided three-judge panel dismissed my case. Judge Karen Henderson, the senior judge on the D. Court of Appeals, issued a stout dissent , saying I clearly deserved to have my court costs paid.

The promise, alas, was betrayed by President Trump. He used the one loophole provided in the law, allowing for continued postponement of release of assassination records.

These files will remain sealed until April at the earliest,. In , the JFK review board asked the agency to provide relevant Joannides files. The agency handed over exactly 11 pages of material. The files I sought in my lawsuit are a case in point. They contain plenty of evidence that he abetted those who did, after Kennedy was dead. He helped run the coverup in Miami and Langley afterwards. He died in March I pursued new information to fill out the fact pattern around the assassination with confidence that people can make up their own minds about what it shows.

My reading of the evidence conforms with that of knowledgeable observers. Attorney General Robert Kennedy concluded his brother was ambushed by enemies in his own government.


So did the widowed First Lady, Jackie Kennedy. Two astute contemporaries, Fidel Castro and Charles DeGaulle , also believed that Kennedy fell victim to a conspiracy emanating from within U. Castro was a battle-hardened Marxist revolutionary. DeGaulle was a continental conservative snob. They knew, as well as anyone, the workings of American power and the machinations of the CIA.