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Ne reproduisons donc pas ces erreurs. Je compte sur vous pour cela. Et je revendique pleinement cela. Cette refondation suppose aussi que nous reconcevions nos organisations, nos instruments de concertation et nos coalitions.

Et si le Maroc et l'Algérie fusionnaient ? Fusion du Maghreb Uni !

Je souhaite que nous puissions en renouveler les formats et les ambitions. Il sera long, il sera difficile. D'abord, de quelle Europe parlons-nous? Je ne le crois pas. Je vous en remercie.

Voir tous les articles et dossiers. The highlight of the event was a panel discussion, open to all participants, to discuss problems and challenges individuals face because of their sexual orientation, which prevents them from living in peace and safety, free from fear of symbolic or actual violence. All participants also expressed hope that the government of Morocco would allow the Kifkif group to work on the ground, given that the group represents an important segment of the Moroccan population. Based on the discussion of the panel, it was decided that three members of the group would draft a letter for submission to the authorities.

The letter will alert the officials to the widespread human rights violations of the citizens due to their different sexual or emotional orientation and will remind them of standards set forth by various international treaties on human rights to which the Moroccan government is a signatory Moroccan society might be on the move, but the government is finding it hard to follow. Today, it's a homosexual association that's in trouble.

Nawaat – Interview avec l’ Association Tunisienne de Culture Amazighe

Members of "Kifkif" which literally means "same same" in both Arabic and in French slang , are attempting to get homosexuality recognised in Moroccan society. The organisation, based in Spain, is planning a conference in Marrakesh on April In response, the minister of the interior has sworn to fight all acts which "aim to undermine our religious and moral values", adding that the authorities and the police will be on watch to repress any "demonstration of an immoral nature".

Kifkif however plans to go ahead with the conference Mithly, le premier journal gay marocain , Translation Mithly. Part 2 of 5. Part 3 of 5.

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Part 4 of 5. Part 5 of 5. Il est le premier du genre dans le monde arabe. But when John, 63, headlined at Morocco's largest music festival on Wednesday night, he created some serious tensions in the North African nation. Morocco has the same sort of anti-homosexuality laws as most Islamic countries -- "homosexual acts" can be sentenced with up to 3 years in prison -- although authorities are reportedly not strict about enforcing them. Still, the country's largest Islamic political group wasn't shy about voicing their disapproval of the "Rocket Man" singer. He added that an Elton John performance could be a bad influence on Moroccan youth, by encouraging homosexual behavior.

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Like playing the piano and singing? Seriously, it's not like he's making out with his boyfriend onstage. But we digress. While conservative officials pushed for a ban against Elton John, the show's organizers refused to change their line-up..

Minuit trente. Et les discussions vont bon train. Ceux qui sont contre sont plus nombreux que ceux qui sont pour Et cela reste impossible et inimaginable. Between the Parc de la Ligue Arabe and Cybermen. Son coming-out n'est que virtuel, via le net, ne pouvant pas l'annoncer chez lui Je suis marocain! Dans un pays arabomusulman! Le coming-out pour moi, c'est comme se jeter dans les enfers! Sexual Values in a Moroccan Town : In Zawiya, various forms of homoerotic play, including nude swimming and group masturbation, were reported as fairly common for boys in the early teen years.

Older males sometimes engage in homosexual acts, sometimes including interfemoral and anal intercourse, but these young people do not think of themselves as homosexuals but rather as going through a phase. Homosexuality in adulthood seems to be rare and is still considered shameful by most Moroccans. Separate terms are used for the partner who plays the active and the passive role in intercourse, and the term for the passive participant zamel is an insult and a frequently seen graffito on walls near Moroccan schoolyards.

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In contrast to what we heard from young men, most young women in Zawiya seemed never to have considered the possibility of female homosexuality, and both sexes stated that lesbian relationships were very rare. Under Morocco's sheltering sky: the timeless magnetism of the desert lures modern travelers into the mysticism of an ancient North African land : The king is rumored to be homosexual--but since it is a crime to speak ill of him in any way, don't expect to hear much above whispers Marrakech has surpassed the sordid port of Tangier as the contemporary gay capital of Morocco, thanks mainly to the influx of Westerners who open up riads guesthouses in the city In an editorial, Taghrib criticised what it said was the Moroccan government's failure to prevent a group of homosexuals from forming an association.

Rachid O. He did not name the Minister, but it was clear he was alluding to the Economy Minister. The article was questioning the morality of the Minister. While homosexuality is widely practiced in Morocco - in particular in holiday resorts, where men-to-men encounters are openly displayed - it remains a social taboo and is generally considered bad moral Male Prostitution in Morocco. PDF Download. The purpose of this project was to determine what Moroccan people think of male prostitution The surveyed population was divided into two sub-samples, thirty AUI students and thirty outsiders.

The difference between these two sub-samples helped the team to compare the perceptions of highly educated people with ones of ordinary Moroccans who are statistically less educated than AUI students. The interviews were conducted to provide the team with the physical and psychological and social effects of male prostitution on male sex workers. Morocco Archive. Gay Morocco. Mithly : Morrocco's first gay magazine. Morocco Individual Documents since This week, they lit thousands of candles in public to mark their fight for decriminalisation and respect.

Copying Western models just would not work in Algeria Since , Algerian gays and lesbians have marked 10 October as their day of protest against articles and of the Algerian penal code, criminalising same-sex relations. And each year, the event becomes larger and more visible.

Algerian transsexual's memoirs reveal life of discrimination , Altrenate Link : An Algerian transsexual has published her memoirs, describing the discrimination she faced in her home country, which culminated in death threats that forced her to flee to Lebanon. Anyone who is found guilty of a same-sex act in Algeria can be punished with a prison sentence that can last anywhere from two months to two years However many people in Algeria are becoming more accepting of homosexual people.

The President of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika stated at one point that if homosexual people behave well they will be given freedom and remain unharmed. Alternate Link Translation. Alors, en attendant, ils se rabattent sur les homos.

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Pareil pour les types sans le sou. Translation - Algerigay. C'est quelque chose dont on n'a pas le droit de parler. C'est impossible de leur dire. Within the 12 states that adopted Shari'a law, it is an offence punishable by death by stone; in the remaining, homosexual acts between men are illegal and may be punished by jail terms of up to 14 years under Chapter 21 of Nigeria's Criminal Code, entitled "Offences against Morality".

Most recently, a bill outlawing same-sex marriage and establishing criminal penalties for witnessing or assisting same-sex marriages was passed in The implementation of these laws is in dispute and even after investigation, human rights groups cannot say with precision how many sentences were handed down. Not surprisingly, treatment by authorities and society is reported as hostile and marked by acts of violence, forcing many homosexuals to hide their identity or to flee the country. Algeria Archive. A group that fights for the most basic right: to live in dignity and irrespective of their sexual orientations and gender identities.

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In August and September , the leadership of the FLN guerrillas operating within Algeria popularly known as "internals" met to organize a formal policy-making body to synchronize the movement's political and military activities. Claude Bourdet had denounced these acts on December 6, , in the magazine L'Observateur , rhetorically asking, "Is there a Gestapo in Algeria? PDF Si jeunes et pourtant ePub. In addition to these challenges, the Middle East and North Africa is facing a significant period of change where: alliances are shifting; conflict and mass migration of people continues; and sustained economic development remains elusive. Research at INED is organized around multidisciplinary and topic-focused teams made up of its own permanent researchers and associated researchers. Child mortality reduction: a contrasting picture across the world Gilles Pison.

A blog for me is an investment in freedom that benefits from the World Wide Web, which is beyond government censorship. The articles include the personal stories of homosexuals and lesbians, information on their legal status in Tunisia, and a medical assessment by Dr. Kamel Abdelhak, a psychologist specializing in sexual matters.

Interview avec l’ Association Tunisienne de Culture Amazighe

(Documents) (French Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered démocratie impossible? It's easy to register here to get Book file PDF Maghreb : la. Maghreb: la démocratie impossible? (Documents) (French Edition). by Pierre Vermeeren | Apr 21, Kindle · $$

In addition, renowned anthropologist Malek Chebel [2] is quoted as asserting that homosexuality is tolerated in Arab culture. Poems on bisexual love by 10th-century Persian-born Muslim poet Abu Nawas are cited as an example. The following is a review of the series Mais ils ne doivent rien revendiquer. Se taire! Homosexuality, Tunisian Style : In Tunesia, the issue of gay identity is complicated by the country's long history of European tourism, including sexual tourism.

Thanks chiefly to some earlier Western travelers, young Tunisian men tend to assume that any single guy of European heritage is looking for vacation sex and is willing to pay the going rate. Many of these men might be called, in a Western expression, "gay for pay. The presence of hustlers on the streets and beaches of Tunisia is so prevalent and remarked-upon, including by Tunisians, that it has become the subject of a Tunisian film, Nouri Bouzid's Bezness The Cafe de Paris was largely frequented by men and had a reputation for being a place for Westerners and Tunisians to connect.

I frequented the establishment because it was one of the only places in Tunisia where I could experience some semblance of a gay culture, but I had to learn to cope with the daily propositions. The pitch usually began with "Bonjour! Even when my partner came to visit me in Tunis, we still found ourselves being propositioned--as a couple.

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I learned eventually not to make eye contact with any man on the street, as it could be mistaken as an invitation.