Hong Kong Trails: Mount Parker Road, Sir Cecils Ride & Tai Tam Country Park

Top Hiking Trails in Hong Kong, China
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Pavement opposite to Hong Kong Y. Pavement at Hung Lok Road.

Pavement of St. Ting Kok Road Lamp-post No.

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Near the House No. Opposite to House No.

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Hong Kong Trails: Mount Parker Road & Tai Tam Country Park (Volume 3) Sir Cecil's Ride, a perfect jogging course, is waiting for you in the middle of the way. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. With the limited information like “5 minutes from Exit A of Hong Kong Trails (): Mount Parker Road, Sir Cecil's Ride & Tai Tam Country Park Kindle Edition It's the way from the Mount Parker Rd. in the southern district to Tai Tam Reservoir Country Park in the northern part of the .

Opposite the lamp post No. EA SK Junction of Shelly Street and Mosque Street near the escalator.

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Pavement in between No. Pavement in front of No. Pavement of Robinson Road opposite to No.

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Pavement outside 41 Mount Kellett Road near Lamppost Pavement junction of Connaught Road West No. Pavement at No. Pavement in front of Greenery Garden at no. Bus terminal at 13 Kotewall Road near 1 University Drive. Opposite to pavement at Lyttelton Road near Babington Road. Junction of Western Street and No. Junction of Catchick Street and Davis Street near tram terminal. In front of Sitting-out Area at side of No.

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Shung Ching San Tsuen V. Srithai Feed Co.

Ha Tsuen Road V. As side of Hang Fu Building, No. Pavement of Shun Tat Street outside No. Cul-de-sac of Yeung King Road near parking space opposite to the fiberglass refuse collection point.

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Po Lau Rd. The trail takes you deep into the dense forests of Wan Chai Gap, crossing a series of old English bridges. Many native evergreen trees here are featured with information plates to help you learn a little more about them. You can familiarize yourself with representative species like Ivy Tree Schefflera heptaphylla , Turn-in-the-wind Mallotus paniculatus , Incense Tree Aquilaria sinensis and Reevesia Reevesia thyrsoidea.

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The Incense Tree is a raw material for fragrant incense, this species is said to be the origin for the name of Hong Kong, since Aberdeen used to be a major port for exporting Incense Tree wood. Walking on, you soon arrive at Middle Gap road.

This is a wide vehicular road that meanders its way up Mount Cameron. Up on the peak, the sweeping panorama of Wong Chuk Hang and beyond is exhilarating. While you struggle up the slope, keep an eye out for Goat Horns Strophanthus divaricatus , one of the four most poisonous plants in Hong Kong.

Then, it will show you all of the ways to the wonderful trails in Hong Kong. You will find a quite different face of Hong Kong you have never imagined before. When you stand at the exit, which direction will proceed for 5 minutes? The embarrassment drove me to publish guide books specifically focused on the "ways" to the must-visits of the world.

How to get the starting point of the world attractions through public transportation is the best character of mine.

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The purpose to encourage you to try the hot places by yourself comes through my own experience as a backpacker to the world. Detailed on-site information together with maps and photos taken every nook and corner will give you full confidence for your try the world.