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After all, John had gotten full marks in his final exam; the first person in that course ever to do so. The letter was even more puzzling. The back of the envelope had an ornate wax seal. He broke it and removed the letter. A letter from a Duchess on your birthday, I got nothing so grand on my twenty first!

Warfather - The grey eminence (FULL ALBUM)

The handwriting was neat and correct, and was addressed to him. Mister John Adams, 1st January Dear John, I hope this letter finds you in good health, and that you do not take ill to my contacting you.

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I would first like to wish you a happy birthday, and hope that you find the enclosed present both interesting and helpful. As a fellow historian, and someone who values such distinction I would like to invite you to meet me on the fourth of January at my London residence.

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This will be only an informal meeting, and you should not feel compelled to attend. Please send a return message to me indicating whether you will attend or not. If so, I will send a carriage to your house at five pm Tuesday.

Yours sincerely, Lady Mendenhall John read the letter again, and wordlessly passed it to his father. Do you wish to attend? John, you must go! Perhaps her appreciation will give great rewards! He opened Britannia Triumphant at random and read a section, then closed it. I shall write her a reply and send it on the midday post.

Do you know her address? That is it, Grey House. It had been a most interesting morning. Last edited: Oct 27, Ashantai , Oct 27, And a most interesting first post for this AAR. I'm rather intrigued to see what will come of this meeting with Lady Mendenhall. Blog Entries: 0 Joined: May 9, Messages: 2. We sorely missed not having your ARRs about. You do have a talent, one that I wished I had even the smallest glimmer. Good luck. Range , Oct 27, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Feb 7, Messages: This is an interesting approach--showing us the world as extant in , and then revealing the narrative behind it.

I eagerly await the unfolding of the story. I've been curious since I first saw the endgame map--what is that orange blot in Aragon? The Netherlands?! Chris Taylor , Oct 27, It will be quite Range: Aww, thank you! Don't undervalue yourself - your AARs show great skill, originality and effort, and it is I who should be thanking you for all the work you have done! Chris Taylor: I'm glad you liked it. I thought it would be a rather different way of doing it.

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It's actually Catalonia, that rare and illusive Iberian revolter. They ended up in India too, and being the second most wealthy by income state in the world! They're not in South America though - that's Chilie! To a modern reader in Great Britain it can be difficult to imagine that once the world was a very different place.


An éminence grise or grey eminence is a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates "behind the scenes", or in a non-public or unofficial capacity. Grey Eminence: A Study in Religion and Politics is a book by Aldous Huxley published in It is a biography of François Leclerc du Tremblay, the French.

England in was a weak, divided and unstable realm divided between clergy and commoners, kings and commoners. By one account England in was weaker than contemporary Denmark and poorer than the contemporary Dutch lands. How then did this divided, fractious realm become the greatest nation since the glory of Rome?

The answer is one too complex to quickly assess. The purpose of this work is to make sense of this question, and to propose some answers. This book also seeks to explain that none of this was pre-ordained, and that the current stability and power could have come to an end very swiftly had not a few critical events happened. It also shows that the current freedoms of the British nation were not assured until the early 18th century with the rise of the Seymour Dynasty. In short, this book will describe just over four centuries of history, and will attempt to do so in a way that is understandable and comprehensive.

A work such as this should be able to stand on its own. Lady Mendenhall, I will place game-play notes and comments at the beginning or end if I have any. I will cover roughly years with each history update, though sometimes more general topics will be covered. In our timeline, he seized the throne from Henry's grandson in Arakhor , Oct 28, All shall be revealed.

As you shall see Henry IV was never crowned, he never 'made it', as it were. Patricia later told me that after this ridiculous though bruising confrontation, Carolyn shunned her.

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Very strangely, Carolyn not only cared little about the personal consequences of her actions and instructions on others, but she seemed little affected by those to her. That disconnect became even more profound as she sacrificed even her family relationships for her affair. For example, in , she became pregnant by Jim.

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We in staff and on the Planning Commission were told that Carolyn had been on a dangerous mission in Mexico and had been jailed and tortured, but was holding up admirably. In truth, she was going through her pregnancy comfortably in the Berkeley home of her parents, John and Barbara Moore.

I was astonished, first off, to find Carolyn, living in such comparative luxury and in California no less. Jim and Carolyn both had a good laugh at the deception they carried off about her experience in Mexico. On the few occasions I was invited, it was pretty clear that Jim and sons had visited often. Carolyn personally exploited their goodwill on at least one other significant occasion.

She was directly involved in the theft of a briefcase inadvertently left at her family home by a Temple antagonist, and created a cover story which, if penetrated, would likely have subjected her father to embarrassment and possible censure in his profession. To be sure, I was only too happy to join them after Saturday meetings in Los Angeles for dinner and movies in Hollywood. It was a rare occasion when Marceline joined us rather than Carolyn. Indeed, once Carolyn was in the picture, we rarely saw Marceline with Jim except on courtly parades around the church.

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