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The short answer is no, but the long answer is a very complex subject.

When its obvious to me that she is seeking attention and not positive attention , I tell her to tough it out, suck it up, or plain old get over it. Did the boy come back to practice the next week? Girls often seek comfort from those around them while boys tend to WANT to hold those feelings in tight. Maybe this is Mars vs Venus type stuff i.

9 Things That Suck About Bad Boys (And 1 Reason Women Stay) | Elizabeth Stone | YourTango

I agree: Stuffing feelings is bad for your health. Thanks for chiming in! What a terrible lesson, we as parents are teaching our boys! It is important for us to help kids acknowledge their feelings and help deal with them,whatever they may be.

9 Things That SUCK About Bad Boys (And 1 BIG Reason We Stay)

If it is not socially acceptable for them to express their feelings as boys how will they learn to be sensitive men? Think about it.

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I explained to her that bravery when in pain is not one of our core family values. Now that my son is a 4th grader, I see so much shake-it-off messaging to boys that I can barely believe it.

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I get it, but it makes me sad. I think sometimes crying is the best medicine.

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Merlo Boys Suck it!! Dogs because people suck with paw print grey. Dogs because people suck with paw print blue. Cute You Suck!

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(Disclaimer: This is purely satirical and does not apply to all boys and may also not be able to be helped/changed by boys themselves. If any offense is taken. Explore Molly Gillotti's board "Boys Suck Funny Quotes", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Words, Frases and Thoughts.

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