Thin-Film Transistors

Prospects and Limitations of Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs)
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    The unique infrastructure of VTT allows the full development path from the lab-scale to the pilot-scale. VTT develops printed thin-film transistor technologies based on organic materials, carbon nanotubes, layered materials and metal-oxide materials. Key focus is in materials development, characterization and testing, process development for high-resolution sheet-to-sheet and high-throughput roll-to-roll printing as well as in device and circuit development.

    VTT can collaborate with clients at all levels of the development from materials testing to demonstrators. Through the active international collaboration in printed TFT development, VTT has a wide network that can be utilized to gather the best group and approach for solving challenges in different flexible TFT applications.

    The sensor data was read from the array to a cell phone over an NFC interface. Digital society Smart industry. Printed and hybrid manufacturing services.


    Moore, S. IEEE Int. Current Journals. Wiley, Hoboken. The electronic properties of these newly prepared OTFTs are similar to those prepared by traditional methods. The activation energy extracted from experimental data is smaller than the theoretically calculated ones at most carrier concentrations. These results indicate that RT-InAlN is considerably promising for the preparation of transistors on thermally vulnerable substrates such as glass or polymers.

    Printed thin-film transistors. Printed thin-film transistors From organic to metal oxide materials, they really can be printed Page Image.

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    Page Content. Recent research focus on printed thin-film transistors at VTT have included High-resolution reverse-offset-printed oxide semiconductors in J.

    What is THIN FILM? What does THIN FILM mean? THIN FILM meaning, definition & explanation

    Gillan et al. C, , 6, Lowering the curing temperature of inkjet-printed oxide semiconductors in J. We are also exploring their interfacing with high voltage triboelectric sensors and generators. Our research covers:. Skip to content Browse.

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    Our research covers: Transistors materials and design, processing, characterization; Modeling of the high-voltage effects by Spice and FEM methods; Development and characterization of solution processed metal oxide thin-film; semiconductor adapted for high-voltage applications; Development of a fully printed process; Application and integration with dielectric elastomer actuators and triboelectric generators technologies. References: Marette, A.

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    • AlN/InAlN thin-film transistors fabricated on glass substrates at room temperature.
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